Bonnie Poirier
Pastoral Direction
Covington, Louisiana

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Healing is a process and it's different for every soul's journey.  I am honored to be your Pastoral Director.  I have the great privilege of visiting with you via phone with Facetime or online with Skype or Zoom.   

Pastoral Direction is to help guide you back onto your path.  With God's help and the guidance of our angels, these times together are to help you to awaken your own intuition and create for sense of balance, self-worth and appreciation.  All Pastoral Direction sessions are by donation only.  A $65-$100 donation is requested.  Our time together is of great value and is sacred.  

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Please note:  The services of Bonnie Poirier are not considered medical health or psychological/ psychiatric services.  Bonnie Poirier is not a medical doctor and she will not diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease of the human body.  The services of Bonnie Poirier do not take the place of your medical doctor/practitioner, psychologist/psychiatrist or other licensed or registered professional.  The services of Bonnie Poirier are to only provide information to enhance your wellness through holistic modalities.  Those who schedule an appointment with Bonnie Poirier are assumed to be making a decision using their own good judgement and common sense and assumes at their own risk and their own responsibility for his/her own health and wellness and the decisions they make regarding it.

Check back often for updates. There‚Äôs so much more to come!  Namaste' and Pax et Bonum ~Bonnie

How'd I Get Here?

Back in 1994, I was ordained as a minister with the Congregational Church of Practical Theology and that's where my journey began.  I am an avowed Franciscan.